Voucher System Application Form

Applicant Information

Please indicate in which research field of the Helmholtz Association you are working; please click here for an overview.

Voucher Information

There are two types of vouchers.

You have data and an idea, but are unsure about methods, potential solutions and the effort required? An exploration voucher is right for you: you will work with an AI consultant for up to two weeks to discuss and develop a plan for realisation.

You already have a good idea about the methods and effort required - in short, you know what you want and what you need help with? A realisation voucher with a timeline of two weeks up to six months is right for you.

Of course, an AI consultant will always assess your idea, data and potential AI solutions at the start of any type of voucher.

Please provide an abstract or summary of your voucher proposal here. In addition to the abstract, you may also upload a PDF file containing supporting information.

Should you wish to provide more information such as a more comprehensive description of the project, figures or tables, you can upload a PDF file.

Data Information

By providing information on the type of your data you help the AI consultants suggest appropriate solutions.

Duration and Deadline

Providing information on the projected duration of the collaboration helps the AI consultants to assess your proposal. This information is only required for realisation vouchers.

If you have time constraints for the realisation of the project (publication or grant submission deadline, etc), please let us know by indicating a deadline for the end of the collaboration. Please note that the voucher revision phase can take up to three weeks.