For the ramp-up phase, the HAICORE access board has generated the HAICORE ramp-up policy, which contains all the important information for accessing the resources during this time. Here, the information for accessing the two different types of resources (ad-hoc usage and lightweight project usage) is given.

Ad-hoc usage (KIT)

For ad-hoc usage with up to 10 GPU/h per day, every user needs to fill in the application for access to the HAICORE system. Please use following information in the form:

  • Project acronym: “Helmholtz AI”
  • bwIDM fields: your date of birth

Once you have completed and signed the form, send it to haicore-accounting@lists.kit.edu. After a positive formality check, an account will be generated and you will be informed that you now have access to the system. Please note that due to an overflow of work, only 5 people per week will be granted access.

In order to use the system, make sure that you have the KIT VPN turned on. You may access the system either via regular ssh connection or Jupyter Notebooks in the browser. Please find links to the respective documentations below:

If you need help with anything, you can contact the HAICORE service hotline using the following mailing address: haicore-hotline@lists.kit.edu

Lightweight projects (FZJ)

To request access to resources up to 10,000 GPU/h per half year for lightweight projects, you need to submit lightweight projects application. Before submitting an application, please make sure that you have a JuDoor account.

In order to access the application form, you will be asked to authenticate using your Helmholtz credentials. If you are a member of DZNE or GSI Helmholtz centers or you have any problem with accessing the application form (e.g. you are not able to login) please inform us via voucher.application@helmholtz-muenchen.de email address.

Lightweight Projects Application