Welcome to Helmholtz AI Consulting

Helmholtz AI consulting empowers all scientists from the Helmholtz Association to leverage AI methods and expertise for their datasets. This portal serves as a flexible, dynamic and transparent way to set up collaborations with the Helmholtz AI consultants at all six Helmholtz AI units; working with our consultants comes at no cost, collaborations are entirely scientific.
The collaborations have runtimes of two weeks up to six months; they will be managed via a so-called voucher system ensuring minimal bureaucracy and maximum data science.

In order to access the application form, you will be asked to authenticate using your Helmholtz credentials. If you are a member of DZNE or GSI Helmholtz centers or you have any problem with accessing the application form (e.g. you are not able to login) please inform us via voucher.application@helmholtz-muenchen.de email address.

Application Form

Welcome to HAICORE

Helmholtz AI Computing Resources (HAICORE) was initiated by the Helmholtz Incubator to provide all scientists in the Helmholtz Association with access to computing resources needed to execute AI projects.
Two different usage assignments are available: 1. ad-hoc usage for an initial playing with the data and/or AI methods and 2. lightweight projects of maximum 5,000 GPU hours per half year.
HAICORE website